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Comics watching comics is a show  where intermediate comics are watched by a panel of more tenured comics. The show was created by Kevin Gootee, a successful NYC stand up comedian and voice over ARTIST. It also just so happens that he is The host, producer, director, and craft services manager for the show.  He has Also been heard on the Adam COROLLA podcast and Sirius XM. On the show, The comics are critiqued, offered advice, and balls are broken. The panel picks a winning comic but the twist is the home audience gets to play along by voting on the panelist they want to see return to the following episode. What's the show like??

Think last comic standing meets mystery science theater 3000. Awesome news! It is coming to amazon prime soon! Comics watching comics: the game show with consequences!

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The Sportsbook/boxoffice podcast is hosted by Kevin Gootee and Jeffrey Paul. Both are two nyc comics with strong opinions on a lot of things but especially films and sports. Past guests have included lenny dykstra, former baseball star for the ny mets and phillies. Also, brandon lang, who is the premier sports handicapper and had the film, "2 for the money based on." Check out the sportsbook/box office podcast on itunes and please share with a friend as well as your social media platforms. Thanks!



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