Welcome to the Sarge Approved Podcast

with Sarge and Frenzey!


Sarge and frenzey are from the land of 10,000 lakes. minnesota! the show is also recorded there. Dont'cha know! 
Our platform is very unique, open, laid back and uncensored. Each episode is revolved around a specific guest. We love hearing the stories our guests have and it gives us and their fans a way to personally connect with them. We think of it as sitting down and having a fun conversation with friends. We have guests with names you may recognize and some you won't.
Our guests ranging from Stand up Comedians, Authors, Martial Arts Experts, MUSICIANS, Actors/Actresses, Survival Experts, Military Veterans & More. 



Sarge Carlson is the producer AKA button pusher and Co-Host. He is a U.S. Army Military Police Combat Veteran. 
Melissa Frenzey is the Co-Hostess  and our Guest Coordinator. she loves goats and is an excellent parallel parker.